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Excite your taste buds with these savory and spicy appetizers.

Mini Spicy Bar

Dates and cranberries mixed with dark chocolate are a healthy and tasty snack.

Mini Chocolate Bar

Take your guest on a culinary trip to a fresh herbs garden with these savory delights.

Mini Italian Bar

This classical recipe made with fresh ingredients is a mix of super foods and organic muesli.

Mini Superfood Bar

Rocket, parmesan and Serrano ham are complimented with fresh pesto.

Mini Raw Ham

This is our elegant recipe, that can be served at any gathering from a casual business meeting to a formal event.

Mini Smoked Fish

This popular sandwich is a vegetarian option bursting with flavor, now also available in this party format.

Mini Grilled Vegetables

This hummus spread sandwich is a healthy and tasty option for vegans at any gathering. 

Mini Crunchy Veggie

Crab and avocado appetizer is as tasty as it's beautiful.

Crab Jar 

Balsamique and virgin olive oil lift this appetizer. 

Mozzarella Jar

Ham, grapefruit, and finely chopped walnuts are enrobed in our greek yogurt dressing.

Waldorf Jar

The classical fruit salad is always made with organic and local fruit.

Mini Fruit Salad

Fresh red berries are combined with soya based panacotta recipe that will leave you speechless.

Red Fruit Panacotta

Mascarpone cream is gently mixed with the traditional speculoos biscuits to create a symphony of flavors at the end of the dinner.

Speculoos Dessert

A rich blend of dark and white chocolate makes this mousse unforgettable.

Dark Chocolate