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What is the perfect sweet delight with your specialty coffee?

It is a specialty cookie of course! We have been working on a brand new concept at our Atelier: big, soft bake buttery cookies made with the best ingredients.  They are so good that you have to try one!  The cookies are always baked to perfection and delivered fresh to our shop.  Each week we have new flavours that correspond to the seasonal produce in Luxembourg.  However, some cookie connoisseurs insist on the traditional tastes and so we indulge them with the ever so popular Chocolate Chip or the Triple Chocolate. These classic flavour are always available, but for the other specials you have to keep up-to-date with our socials.  Discover our new Cookie menus weekly on our channels. 

Follow us on IG and TikTok for the new flavour updates. 

Until then, let the cookie crumble and enjoy!

Double Chocolate

Lavender Lemon

Peanut Chocolate

Caramel Fudge

Matcha White Choco

Oats and Fruits

Triple Chocolate

Caramel Walnut

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