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Coffee Workshops Autumn / Winter 2023
 14/10/2023 + 18/11/2023 + 09/12/2023




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Register and reserve a place visit us at our shop in Capucin Theater Court

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At Cereal Lovers, we are passionate about providing healthy and delicious breakfast options for everyone. Our range of mueslis, cookies, granolas, and muesli bars are made with high-quality, natural ingredients to ensure that you get the best nutrition for your day ahead.

We also have a specialty coffee selection that we are proud of, with expertise in coffee brewing that you can taste in every cup. Our brand new barista school will be launching soon, where you can learn from our experts and brew the perfect cup of coffee at home

At Cereal Lovers we propose an exquisite range of design items around the breakfast table, such as high quality porcelain, beautiful glassware, coffee tins, tea pots and more.

You can make an unforgettable gesture by offering a gourmet and refined Cereal Lovers gift basket. Ready gift boxes or assembled according to your choice, with Cereal Lovers, you offer an authentic, creative and contemporary brand.

Our Chefs

Laura Lefèvre


Laura has an insatiable desire to delight you with a distinctive taste of coffee. After the business sector, Laura followed her growing love for coffee. Her passion for coffee led her to get certification and earn a diploma with the 'SCAE' (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe). Laura is an extremely approachable person and beside her duties as a mother, she is consistently full of energy and enthusiasm she shares at Cereal Lovers' each day. Her contagious passion for coffee goes beyond the cup that will fill you up! 


Sylvie Nosbusch


Sylvie's childhood in the country side made her a nature lover with a beautiful sense for homemade healthy food.  Today her love of high quality coffee , as well as “beautiful things” around the sophisticated tableware inspire her. Family, friends and good life are at the heart of her preoccupations.  As a mother (and in the words of her family “the best cook on earth”), Sylvie brings her cooking talents to Cereal Lovers' kitchen.  She is also involved in various social and sustainable activities that promote local and sustainable  living.  Sylvie will always welcome you with a heartfelt smile and serves customers with care.       

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Ivana Larusson

Communication & Marketing

Working on this project is close to my heart, as it is a genuinely local and honest Luxembourg based company.  What you see on the website, brochures and social media was lovingly designed by me. I enjoy breathing in a soulful character and creating stories of the company's already vibrant team and products.  

When I work on the visual brand 

identity of Cereal Lovers, I have one guiding theme in mind: the purity and the good intention of Cereal Lovers towards the local community.


Michèle Muller

Production Coordinator

Michèle joined the Cereal Lovers team after 20 years of professional experience acquired in the food industry, focusing in the field of quality and food safety.  As a mother of 2 she is acutely aware of the nutrients she offers to her children.  She chose to join our team because we use natural raw materials, selected from local producers, in order to guarantee the ethical and healthy production while aiding the local economy. Michèle's attention is on proximity, that is to say, promoting the "short circuit" of food preparation.  Staying as close to the source to ensure that all the best nutrients that nature to offer, will be harvested  with an eco-responsible approach.

The Cereal Lovers' mantra is : a healthy diet for a healthy body.

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Jordan Pompey


Jordan learned everything about coffee in the United States.  In New York he used to work for himself in an Italian coffee franchise.

Jordan is a nice and compassionate  person, and he loves to transmit his positivity to each customer.  He is passionate about creating a great experience for everyone at Cereal Lovers.

Jordan lives by the motto "what goes around comes around."  His amazing coffee methods and a great attitude envelops our coffee shop with amazing vibes.  With Jordan all customers feel welcomed and giving that special attention.  We excited that Jordan is a part of our growing international team!

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