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Embark on a Sensory Expedition with BRAHONI Specialty Coffee Beans

Discover the Apex of Coffee Sensation

BRAHONI is a brand new addition to the Cereal Lovers coffee menu. It is our signature specialty coffee blend.

Sourced from the lush terrains of Brazil, Honduras, and Nicaragua, each bean is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

BRAHONI has a nuanced profile, scoring over 80 points on the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) scale. Each cup is a luxurious experience, with a creamy texture that dances on the palate and an adventurous spirit encapsulated in its aroma.

With BRAHONI, every brew is an intimate journey. Its creamy undertones and velvety mouthfeel are harmoniously balanced by an intense character. The nutty notes tell a tale of subtlety and sophistication, inviting you to savor the delicate, yet discernible, nuances with each sip.

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Hobby Coffee Workshops

Target Audience: Anyone interested in improving their home coffee-making technique. Ideal for home coffee machine owners.
Key Features: Lasts one morning. Focuses on enhancing technique for home use. Helps in better utilization of personal coffee machines.

Hobby Workshops 2024

 20/7 - 24/8 - 28/9 - 26/10 - 23/11 - 14/12

Register to reserve a place in our Coffee Workshops at our shop in Capucin Theater Court: 11c, Place de Théâtre, L-2613 Luxembourg 

Purchase or redeem your gift vouchers by calling +352 20 609 609 20

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Every detail at Cereal Lovers has been chosen with care.  Care for your health, care for the local production and care for the environment. It was not had for us to partner up with a wonderful Mokxa specialty coffee company from Strasbourg. Their passionate team told us about their local approach to coffee farmers and how they help them grow their farms while providing us with an organic and fair trade product.

Delicious and responsible is our coffee mantra.

You can book an exciting coffee workshop with our coffee specialist at your venue and experience the quality of our brews. 

Michèle / Production Coordinator: "Nos cafés MOKXA: un mélange de 2 procédés qui donne un goût équilibré de café, un café colombien et un café brésilien, l’origine évoluant au fil des saisons."

Our international Barista team explains more.

Laura / Barista: « Le café Mokxa valorise les grains de qualité supérieure, les pures origines, les torréfactions blondes et les extractions douces. Il est certifié par la Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA). Cette institution définit les normes de qualités, veille sur sa communauté du caféiculteur au barista afin d’assurer le développement mondial dans les normes prescrites. Seuls les cafés notés à 80/100 sont classés ‘specialty coffee’.

Ces cafés sont évalués vert et ne doivent pas avoir plus de 5 défauts et sont jugés d’après la taille des graines, leurs formes et couleurs, leurs caractéristiques distinctes de saveur ainsi que leurs corps et l'acidité. Les grains sélectionnés sont par la suite torréfiés et moulus. La phase de dégustation, nommée ‘cupping’ a comme objectif de révéler toutes les notes aromatiques du café et le ressenti en bouche. Le ‘specialty coffee’ est une vraie pépite biologique, avec des exigences géographiques et climatiques car il se trouve au delà de 1200m d’altitude.

Jordan / Barista: "At our shop we offer you a lot of speciality coffee.

You will be able to try coffee beans from all over the world.

Smooth, sweet or strong , we have it all!  From South America to Africa you will see and try the difference between the beans.

Brasil, Colombia, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Burundi and many other countries have graced our shelves.  Come and learn what it tastes like to drink the best coffee in town."

Sylvie / Barista: "The popularity of the coffee at Cereal Lovers come from the fact that today, we are the only place in Luxembourg where you can try the amazing Mokxa beans.  Those uniques beans brewed by professional baristas in a good atmosphere give you the best experience. 

Come to discover our different coffee based drinks that we are constantly innovating and serve with a big smile."

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